Manicure service, provided in beauty salon "Diana" will ensure the health and beauty of your nails, and high quality hand cosmetics and paraffin hand therapy will help the skin of your hands to be soft and smooth. In beauty salon "Diana" we use high quality nail care products from the companies "IBD", "Shellac / Gelish“, Opi .

ACCRETION OF NAILS Accretion of nails- it is the made-up of the nail with the help of special materials. In beauty salon "Diana“ we use gel and acrylic.

What is a Shellac Manicure ?

A manicure with shellac nail polish is a revolutionary new type of polish that lasts two weeks, or even longer, with a stunning finish. It is a UV nail polish similar to gel, but even better.

Shellac manicures have become massively popular over the last couple of years, and everyone wants to know what is shellac nail polish. This isn’t a fad that will soon fade. Shellac colours are gorgeously glossy and look freshly done for a couple of weeks. You can find traditional shiny reds, funky glittery colours and more natural looking pastels and neutrals. Whatever you want in a nail polish, you can find in shellac colours. You should always treat your hands with respect and wear gloves for washing up and other housework, but when you have a shellac manicure at home or at your favourite salon you’ll be surprised at how durable it is.

What is a E-File Manicure ?

E-file manicure and it is fully done with electric file. The difference is that all hard skin is removed not only around the nail. If you choose to do long lasting polish with this manicure it will last longer because nail polish is applied under your cuticle.

PARAFFIN HAND THERAPY Silky hands are your adornment. Cherished hands look elegant and sexy. We massage hands with warmed-up creams, oils, and massage movements. This activates the activity of internal organs, circulation of lymph and blood, eliminate tiredness. Paraffin bath is applied in case of cuticle scaling, chronic inflammation of joints and muscles. It relaxes the numbness of hands, stimulates blood circulation. Light hands massage after tough and weary working day will help to recover stiffness and vitality.

  • Manicure (File, Cutical removal & Polish) - From €15
  • Paraffin Manicure - From €25
  • Shellac/Gelish (File, cuticle removal & Shelac or Gelish) - From €35
  • Shellac/Gelish Removal - From €7
  • Full set - From €45
  • Refills - From €40
  • 1 Tip - From €5
  • Removal - From €20
  • Design one nail - From €1
  • Cuticle Removal & Polish - From €20

During the pedicure we suggest the baths of refreshing sea salt and herbal extract. The cuticles become softer, calluses are removed. The ordered feet are refreshed by herbal extract baths, massaged with nourishing creams, which eliminate tiredness and help to relax.


The paraffin bath relaxes muscles, decreases their numbness, and stimulates blood circulation. It can be performed after fractures, dislocations, tensions of tendons, disorders of coordination. It excellently relaxes the tired feet, reduces swelling, intumescences, and provides the feeling of "light feet”.

  • Pedicure (Full relaxing pedicure inc. File, cuticle removal & Polish) - From €45
  • Pedicure with Shellac/Gelish - From €55
  • Pedicure with Paraffin Therapy - From €55
  • French Pedicure - From €50
  • Half Pedicure (Cuticle removal and Polish) - From €25
  • Half Pedicure with Shellac/Gelish - From €35