Tanning studio

Tanning salon €0.90 - €0.80

Beauty salon “Diana“ is equipped with the "Ergoline“ solarium of new generation. The biggest advantage of the solarium is the ability to dose ultraviolet rays and to get attractive, even tan.
The newest model "Ergoline" sun bed "Evolution 700" with powerful and safe "UV-Power" lamps and additional ultramodern functions such as refreshing drizzle, aromatherapy, and voice guided programme ensures even tan and comfort.
We instruct our customers on safe sun bedding time and what protective lotions to use before and after sun bedding.  For one's convenience, customers are welcome to purchase this high quality „Australian Gold" body care products at our location.

Warning! - Sun bedding is not recommended for anyone, who has many birthmarks, freckles, pregnant women and people suffering from skin disease.

(Persons under 18 years will not be allowed to use, hire or purchase sunbeds.Sunbed use increases the risk of skin and eye cancer.)